There are only a couple of rock shows at the San Antonio Rodeo every year, and this year, they scored big by booking ZZ Top for a night! Everyone likes ZZ Top, and I was super excited to shoot photos for this show.

Until we got the photo guidelines: 1 song, from the crowd.

With the rotating stage setup at the Rodeo, this would have given us essentially 1/2 a song to shoot.

A lot of the photogs were less than enthusiastic, you can imagine. While I thought it was going to be tough to get good shots with such a limited opportunity.

Luckily, just before the show kicked off, we were informed that we’d get the 1 song, but from the “pit”. Meaning we could do our usual follow the stage around at close range, and be able to shoot the entire first song from much closer up. This was fantastic news.

I think the shots came out pretty good, and it was fantastic to see these guys up close.

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