The polar opposite of the previous night’s John Mayer concert, KISS was an amazing photography experience for me!

The lighting was incredible, so all the pics came out so clear and clean, the colors are sharp, and the band is the best at giving you shots.

Seriously, Gary Vee could use lessons from these guys on branding. No one understands better than KISS how they need to be presented. They not only play to the crowd and put on an amazing show for everyone in the venue, but they also take time to give every single photographer great shots. Paul Stanley is amazing at it! For the finger pointing right at me shot, he pointed at me, made sure I got the shot, then pointed at another camera, and kept doing this until basically everyone got their shot.

Just amazing. They know that if they let us get great photos, they’ll look great to everyone! Such a great time shooting this concert. I even had a ticket to stay and watch the whole show. I’ve seen KISS many times before, and I will always go see them when they come to town. It’s not that I listen to their music, but they ALWAYS put on fantastic spectacles.

They’re still touring on their farewell jaunt, so go see them wherever you can.

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