Day two of the 2018 Austin City Limits festival was headlined by Metallica! It’s always good to see them, and on the same stage before them was another good live band, Disturbed!

I’ve seen Disturbed a few times before, and it’s always a good show, so I made sure to get there early enough to see them. Perfectly timed, I got in a good spot as close to the stage as I could get with the crowd, and they went on.

Since it wasn’t a headlining set, and at a festival, they pretty much stick to hits, which is what bands usually do. Which is not a bad thing at all when playing a festival. The sound was okay, not the best, but the band always does well.

They played some new stuff from their Evolution¬†album, and of course, as many of the hits as they could squeeze in, including “Down With The Sickness”, “Prayer”, and their big hit from Immortalized, their cover of “The Sound of Silence”.

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