On October 12th and 13th, I got to head up to Austin for Austin City Limits. My first time going to the festival, and it’s a BIG one! Nine stages, if I recall correctly, and big stages, as well!

I’ve finally gotten around to getting the videos uploaded from the show a few weeks ago…I’ve been seriously slacking in this. I have some more shows to upload, I just haven’t had a moment to get them done. They will be coming very soon, though!

Headlining the first night was a living legend, Sir Paul McCartney. I got to see him a few years ago in Grand Rapids, and it was a great show, so I knew I had to go see him again.

He did not disappoint. Big stage, great sound, and a fantastic performance from one of the last two Beatles left. If you haven’t seen him live, do yourself a favor and go to a show the next chance you get. He tells some funny stories during the show, as well, so it’s a great time.

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