I really enjoyed the Dustin Lynch show at Whitewater. He came out like a rock band, and they really hit it hard for a few songs. They even played some rock songs in the middle of the set!

I texted a friend who’s wife loves Def Leppard, since this country guy launched into “Pour Some Sugar On Me”, and then into some Blink 182. Unexpected at a country show, honestly.

I guess it’s like when Shakira surprised me with some Metallica songs during her show year ago.

Great set, and I’d definitely go see him again. And hopefully get to take pictures from a photo pit, instead of more soundboard access. This was another show with “soundboard area” photo access. Seems to be something the label is moving to? This is the second show set up like this. First was the Blake Shelton show a few weeks ago, and now this one.

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