This is a two show weekend, with Dylan Scott on Friday night, and Cole Swindell and Dustin Lynch Saturday night. This was my first time at Whitewater Music Ampitheatre in New Braunfels, and it’s a really cool venue. Big stage, nice setup. It’s outdoor, so there’s always the issue (as with yesterday) of whether a show will get cancelled for rain.

Luckily, things cleared up for Saturday’s Reason To Drink Another show.

Lauren Alaina had to cancel, there’s a health issue in her family, so she had to go home. Understandable. She’ll be in San Antonio in November for the 8 Man Jam.

After Dustin Lynch rocked a good set, the stage was set up, and Cole Swindell came out. The drummer and keyboard player lived high above the rest of the guys in the band, and two steep-looking stairs led up to their perches on either end of the stage.

It was a cool looking show, with giant video walls, and great players. Didn’t end up with photos that look as good as the Dustin Lynch photos, I think, as the lighting was a little weird, and I’m not good at compensating for that yet.


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