One thing I enjoy about my new job is that I’m able to get back into photography. My dad was in photography and video for his career, and it’s something that’s always interested me. I don’t know if it’s something I’d want to do for a living, but I enjoy playing with the toys.

On Friday, October 19th, I got to take photos for the Dylan Scott concert at Cowboys Dancehall in San Antonio for the radio station.

This was another odd shoot, since the photo restrictions from the band management/label do not allow photo pit access, only soundboard access for photography and video. And the Cowboys soundboard is on the balcony. So this requires a longer lens, and you’re not going to be able to get right up on them like you can with pit access. And you definitely need a longer lens than most people have.

I’ve got a longer lens, but it’s not quite what I’d need to continue to do this kind of photography better. I have a 55-210mm lens, which gets me close enough to do some decent shots, but I could use another hundred mm or so. (Typical guy, right, needing more length?)

These shots came out okay, and I’m working on my post-processing to try to make them look professional. I’m not there yet, but these look pretty good. Enjoy!

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