Geoff Tate is wrapping up his summer tour, performing Operation: Mindcrime in its entirety, for the last time I believe. His San Antonio stop was on Friday, June 29th, and he came by the radio station to perform for some winners and staff. He brought the whole band, set up a lot of gear, and played three songs for us. Kicked off with “Jet City Woman”, then “Silent Lucidity”, and wrapped up with one of my favorites from Operation: Mindcrime, “Eyes of a Stranger”.

He sounded really good, and the band played well. Oddly, the rest of the band’s backing vocals sounded really bad on soundcheck, but they got better during the actual set.

Everyone was really nice, they took pictures and talked with people as long as they could, but they had to head to the venue for their soundcheck for that evening’s show.

I’m glad we were able to get him in for this, and that I could get a good recording of the set. Enjoy!

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