I always love the chance to get bands to perform an acoustic set, and it’s awesome to hear songs in a different style than how they may usually play them. Wayland is a great band, and I love hanging with them, and was excited to be able to get them set up and record some acoustic songs, back on July 26, 2017.

With the space I had, I couldn’t do more with the video, which sucks, but at least I got to get a good recording of the guys performing a couple songs from their latest album Rinse & Repeat.

“Come Back” was the first song they played me from the album, almost three years ago now, and they were thinking of it being their first single from it. They also played “Through the Fire”, which I immediately thought was fantastic. I wanted that as the first single.

About two years later, when it was time for the album to come out, I got a call from Mark Abramson, who’s working in their management team, and he said “You’re going to love the first single from the album, it’s called ‘Through the Fire’!”

I had to laugh and tell him the story. I won one. Just one. But I’ll take it.

These guys write really good songs, and if you get the chance to see them live, you won’t regret it. High energy, good songs, it’s a good show. Enjoy these stripped down versions.

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