I headed back to my friends Pete and Holly, and spent some more time with them over the weekend, and then hopped over to DFW for a flight to the great white north. I spent Monday and Tuesday in Madison, where they’d just had a ton of snow and cold.

The boss there took me through the facilities, which are really nice, I met the company owner, and spent some time talking about the job. We had some good food, too! Wisconsin isn’t just cheese…well, there is a lot of stuff with cheese, but there are other things, too.

I stayed in a really nice hotel downtown, and really enjoyed my day or so in Wisconsin. I love the weather, because there’s something wrong with my brain, apparently, and cold and snow are fun to me. And the country is beautiful, so that helps.

WJJO is a legendary radio station that Randy runs, as well as their new Alternative, and six other radio stations in Madison. I’ve heard tons of great things about the company, Randy, and so it was great to even be asked to come up for an interview to work there.

I don’t know what’s going to happen with this job, anymore than I know what could happen in San Antonio. Fingers crossed.

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