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My last evening in Houston, it was time to figure out where I wanted to go next. George had a work trip planned for Corpus Christi, and that seemed like a fun place to head! I haven’t been there as an adult, so my memories of it are quite vague.

He wouldn’t be there for a few days, so I had some time to kill. I went over to Austin for a couple days, and found that I didn’t have the energy to really explore the city. I’d been going pretty hard for a couple weeks, and this seemed a good time to quiet things a bit, continue the job search, and just relax a bit.

Mission accomplished, and I also had some not-terrible wings, and a giant beer at Pluckers.

Then, it was off the Corpus Christi!

I checked into my hotel, called George and met up with him at his hotel. He stays right on the North Corpus beach, and literally walks out his door on the sand. It was evening and getting a bit chill, so we walked around and he showed me some of the stuff around. I flew the drone a bit, and got some cool video and photos of the USS Lexington, and some Kit Boarders who were nearby.

The next day was his last half day of work, and then we met up for a great Philly Cheesesteak at Yo Philly Cheese Steak. This place is phenomenal! If you find yourself in Corpus Christi, go to the north beach and stop in at Yo’s. One of the best cheese steaks I’ve had. Real Philly people working and owning it, and great fries.

To work off the cheese steak, we walked over to the USS Lexington to take the self-guided tour. If you haven’t been on board an aircraft carrier, those things are freaking ENORMOUS! Thousands of people lived and worked on board for long periods of time. Even with as much as we saw, there was so much we couldn’t get to.

Most of the ship is low-ceilinged, so it’s really a good thing I didn’t go Navy after taking my ASVAB. I couldn’t have survived on a ship, let alone a sub, at my height.

It was a cool experience, and I thought of my dad a lot that day, since he was a huge history buff. I thought about all the stories he would have told me about the ship, the war, and the history. I miss him a lot.

After George left town, I spent some time on the Padre Island beach, which is really beautiful. Pristine sand, long stretches unbroken. If only I hadn’t packed away all my shorts, I could have not looked like an idiot in jeans at the beach!

I got some more great drone footage on this beach, and took some silly photos. The drone makes a cool selfie stick, haha!

Meanwhile, I received word about a job interview up in Wisconsin, and was sent flight tickets for the following Monday out of Dallas. It was about time to wrap up my trip to Corpus, and head back to the north of Texas, for Monday Morning.

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