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Next up for my travels, another planned destination. I only had four places I scheduled myself to be.

  • Weekend One: Rockford, IL to see my friend Lara.
  • Weekend Two: Dallas, TX to see my friends Pete and Holly.
  • Week Two.Five: San Antonio, TX to see my friend Courtney.
  • Weekend Three: Houston, Tx to see my friends George and Liza.

Everything else is being left up to spontaneous decisions. So far, St. Louis and Memphis were good choices. Where I’d head after Houston was anyone’s guess!

So, off I went, back east to Houston, dreading the traffic when I arrived. I knew it would be bad, it always is in Houston, but it wasn’t as dead stop as I expected. Yay Houston!

The cat is getting a little used to the travel, and is making herself a bit more comfortable in the car, and even hangs on the center console with me a bit as I drive. It’s pretty cool.

As soon as I arrived at George’s house, we flew the drone a bit, and then I got a call from LA for a job interview. Very exciting! I spoke with them for a little while, and they told me that I’m high on their list of candidates. Very good news. Fingers crossed.

Houston is one of those cities that has so much going on all the time, it can be tough to narrow things down to what you want. Luckily, George has endless ideas for fun, and we wandered around with family during the day. We even tried a Liquid Nitrogen dessert!

Seriously, it’s just basically Captain Crunch-like cereal, dipped in liquid nitrogen, with a tiny bit of flavoring squirted on top. But your look like it’s -100 outside, with the smoke coming out of your mouth! You’re like a human smoke machine for a bit. This photo was after a while, as the smoking calmed down a bit.Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 3.14.17 PM.png

We also hit the Johnson Space Center, which is always cool! We spent many hours wandering around, checking out the cool history of American space travel, and it’s neat to be able to touch moon rock, and try to fit inside those tiny capsules we sent people to the moon in!

So much cool stuff, I’m not even posting 1/4 of the photos I took.

But the next thing for the last evening in Houston…where would I go next?

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