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Leaving Dallas took me south, to another one of my planned stops. I have a friend down there, and I haven’t seen him since he left El Paso, about six years ago. He’d retired, and moved, and we have kept in touch over the last years quite a bit.

He’s working at a radio cluster in San Antonio owned by Cox Media, and they have a job, and he wanted to get me in front of his bosses, to talk about the opening, and maybe sell myself into the position.

I spent several hours interviewing for the job, and talking about goals for the cluster, and what I could do to help them get there. It seems like things went well, and they were very excited. I’m hoping things will come together on this!

I also got to spend several hours at the Alamo, in downtown San Antonio, and check out all the history stuff. My dad loved history, and it was cool to spend some time doing things and thinking of him.

Then it was time to walk the River Walk, even though it was still early, and most of the places hadn’t even opened for lunch yet. I haven’t been on the river there for a LOOOONG time, and things have changed from my memories. Lots more foliage and waterfalls, and cool things to see along the walk. It’s beautiful, and I hope to make it back at night, to see all the lights and partying.

Before I left, I got to take Courtney and his family to a nice Churrascaria for some amazing Brazilian food. Never ending meat on swords is always fun. It’s pricey, but Courtney has always been good to me, and done lots for me over the years, so it was great to be able to do something nice for him.

Next up for my wanderings is another planned stop, and only a few hours away, but another big city with tons of crappy traffic…

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