Okay, so maybe the end of the previous blog was a big “click-baity”, since I already knew where I wanted to end up for the weekend. Dallas was my goal, to stay with some friends. Actually my best friend, and longest friendship ever. Pete and his family.

The weekend was mostly about hanging out with some people I consider family, and relaxing for a few days, instead of “how much sight-seeing can I accomplish”.

Sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy the friendship, and spend some quality time with people you care about. Sappy, right?

The cat seems to be slowly getting into the groove of this whole travel thing. Sort of. We had a big fight in Memphis, when I tried to get her into the carrybag to hit the road. She really didn’t want to leave, and fought like I was trying to murder her. She’s quite dramatic.

Cats, eh?

We eventually hit the road, and made pretty good time to Dallas, until we hit town, and then the usual I-20 parking lot situation. The last hour of the trip was mostly sitting in traffic, waiting for people to move. No accidents, just everyone stopping at every merge-point along the way.

I spent the weekend with the family, eating food, seeing movies, playing games, even picked up their youngest from school…I flew the GoPro Karma a little bit, but really just chilled.

I got some job hunting done, as well. Still hoping for some callbacks, so I can get back to work. I hate not working. I need to stay busy. Hence this whole trip. It’s keeping me more active, so I’m not just a depressed slug on a couch. That doesn’t lead to any sort of good things.

OH! Can’t forget, I had some amazing BBQ on Saturday at Hard Eight. This is some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had in my life, which is something said for someone from Texas! The absolute BEST smoked turkey I’ve ever had. Period. Go there. You won’t regret it.

By Tuesday night, I was scheduled (roughly in my brain) to head out. And I actually had another destination in mind for the next leg of my tour…

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