On my last evening in Rockford, I opened the laptop and scrolled around on the map, seeking my next destination. Where would be a cool place to stop next for a day or so, and do a little sightseeing?

Oh look! Only about four or five hours south is St. Louis! I can go see that big arch thing up close.

Book a hotel, and go to sleep. This is easy.

Next day, I packed up the cat and my clothes, laptop, drone, and GoPros…time to hit the road. Still some of that annoying snow scum to deal with, but hopefully less as I traveled south.

St. Louis achieved, I checked in and got the Cat settled, before heading out for some dinner and wandering around a bit. I was going to do the arch the next day, and maybe fly the drone for some cool video.

Not such luck on the drone. St. Louis has a lot of airports, which restricts the fly zones everywhere. So, I grabbed my Karma Grip and the GoPro and hit the road to head downtown.

Of course, Ellie the Car got me turned off at the wrong time. I don’t think we communicate very well sometimes.

The Gateway Arch is big, and pretty cool. I didn’t feel like paying for a tour or whatever, and I haven’t looked up any historical data, so your on your own on this one. It was also about 4 degrees out there, and I made the trip prior to any food for the day. I shot some video at the arch, and some photos with the city behind, which is pretty cool.

Then, it was definitely time for lunch! I’ve been craving some good Brazilian food, and I found a great place called Tucanos, not far from my hotel.

Great price on the lunch buffet, only like $17, and endless meat, which is always good. The “salad bar” had lots of interesting things as well, with breads, desserts, pasta things, some salad, and more.

The chicken was great, the bacon wrapped turkey really good, and all the steak was fantastic. The pork was pretty tasty as well. If you haven’t done churrasco before, check it out. Good food, and endless.

I drove around St. Louis some more until it was time to head back to the hotel and decide where my next destination would be. I really had no idea. Time to get out of the map again, and scroll around until something grabbed my attention.

And boy, did I find a good one…

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