On October 3, 2017, Gojira hit 20 Monroe Live in Grand Rapids, MI for an amazing show. These guys are awesome, and have really hit the metal world hard. They’re heavy, but different, with the rhythmic songs and melody that’s completely their own.

I first heard them a few albums ago, when I saw the performance of “Oroboros” online. It’s an amazing song, and I immediately had to go get The Way of All Flesh. It’s a fantastic album, and should definitely be part of your library.

Then, the guys smashed that with L’Enfant Sauvage, and my favorite track, “The Gift of Guilt”.

More recently, the band released Magma, which has a different vibe, some cleaner singing, but still an awesome heaviness that a lot of other bands can’t match. Their shows aren’t anything visually insane, it’s a band, straightforward, kicking your ass for an hour and a half.

They even ended the set with a cover of Sepultura, one of my favorite songs from them, “Territory”.

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