I ordered my newest guitar back in May when the preorders began for the new Chapman Guitars Ghost Fret. I immediately fell in love with the blue guitar, and had to have one. Thanks to Riff City Guitars for becoming a Chapman retailer, so I could get one here in the US!

I saw the original Ghost Fret while watching Rob Chapman videos years ago, and when he formed his guitar company, I wanted one. It was a cool distressed green, and was really amazing-looking. When he announced the release of the “for sale” ghost frets, I was hoping for the green, but immediately fell in love with the awesome blue.

Then, in a video closer to the release, Rob announced changes to the second run of them, where they’d switch to Chapman branded pickups, but the first run would still come with the Seymour Duncans originally in the specs. So mine is from the first run, and has the Duncans.

Fast forward a few months to today, and it’s here and ready to be unboxed.

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